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Gloheal, leads the way in an era driven by digital innovation, breaking free from the confines of traditional hospitals to provide top-notch medical care. The Gloheal platform introduces an innovation that transforms healthcare.

  • Digital Transformation: Through the state-of-the-art technology, with a firm belief that healthcare should be accessible to everyone regardless of their location, Gloheal ushers in a new era where medical expertise reaches far and wide, from bustling urban centers to remote rural areas.
  • Innovative Collaboration: Through an innovative collaboration Gloheal ensures efficient clinical flow, inclusion of medical advice data flow, diagnoses methodology and care, eliminating the barriers imposed by distance and time.
  • E-Health Clinical Management Platform: It is an e-health clinical management platform, transforming the current healthcare IT delivery from the network to the application layer, by enabling and supporting the current infrastructure and creating a seamless experience for all the stakeholders.
  • ABDM Certification: Gloheal is also an official ABDM certifier for NHA.
What We Offer

Gloheal Virtual Clinical Management (GVCM)

Advancing Clinical Excellence

Gloheal Virtual Clinical Management (GVCM) stands as a transformative solution to the multifaceted challenges faced by remote healthcare sites. Recognizing inefficiencies in resource utilization, complex cost structures, limited doctor-patient interaction, and geographical barriers, Gloheal's mission is to streamline operations, enhance patient experiences, and provide comprehensive care. GVCM expands patient reach, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costs, ultimately redefining healthcare with its transformative services.

Gloheal Virtual Clinical Management - Product Use Cases

Gloheal Health Management (GHM)

Empowering Healthcare Excellence

Gloheal Health Management - Product Use Cases

A clould agnostic HIMS as a platform (supporting Clinic EMR, Polyclinic to enterpise hospital, Medical College hospitals and more..)

Details - Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
HIMS - Integrated Information System - handles hospital’s administrative, financial, and clinical elements. Covers end-to-end functionality of small to large hospitals.

Amidst rising healthcare costs and the imperative for effective clinical solutions, Gloheal Health Management (GHM) emerges as a beacon of transformative care. Addressing challenges of limited digital information, an array of disparate tools, and the high costs of technology implementation, GHM serves as a comprehensive answer to these intricate obstacles. Through GHM's advanced clinical platform, we seamlessly blend precision and efficiency, presenting a resounding solution to the resource constraints faced by healthcare providers.

Product Highlights


Clinics or Community Health Centre


Multi-specialty / Chain & Tertiary Care Hospitals

Standard / Advanced / Enterprise HIMS


Services allow a patient to create manage, and control her personal health data in one place though web in a private, secure and confidential environment

Gloheal Record Management

Elevating Clinical Data Excellence

Navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare data, Gloheal Record Management (GRM) emerges as the transformative solution to a multitude of challenges. Faced with the scarcity of storage infrastructure and the complexities of maintenance, GRM provides a cloud-based seamless, integrated platform that alleviates these concerns.

Gloheal Record Management - Product Use Cases

A scalable medical data repository that normalizes all medical images, regardless of the PACS system, and provides reliable storage, query, and retrieval of medical images using DICOM standards.

A comprehensive solution that aims to not only digitize but also make it hassle-free and economical for our customers by minimizing or eliminating the need to procure, deploy, secure, and maintain the servers/software by providing a HIPAA-compliant secured and flexible cloud environment.

Radiologists can access the studies and perform the reporting from anywhere using the cloud-based solution.

Key features & benefits of our Cloud PACS, Teleradiology, and VNA solutions:

  • Browser based Zero Footprint Viewer
  • Modality to Cloud PACS Connectivity
  • End-to-end integrated solution with HL7/FHIR compatibility
  • Dynamic, Flexible, and Long-Term Storage Allocation
  • HIPAA-compliant secured access across the entire workflow,
    eliminating Future Migration Costs

A DICOM enabled whole slide imaging solution, based on state-of-the-art technology that provides an efficient way to scan and digitize the slide samples, report and store the high-resolution images which significantly improves the quality, speed, and workflow of microscopy.

Key features & benefits of our Telepathology solution:

  • A regular scan in 75 to 90 seconds.
  • High resolution images with Lossless Compression.
  • Access from both inbuilt and cloud applications.

Gloheal FHIR integration & data platform enables healthcare applications to communicate with each other in a seamless manner and help maintaining data in a standard format based on FHIR which can be used for data analysis and derive insights to enhance the facility's operations. Workflows such as insurance claim processes can be automated using this platform enabling faster claim requests/approvals.

Key features & benefits of our FHIR Platform:

  • Configurable data mapping between the information systems entities.
  • Standard HL7 & FHIR protocol for integration and interoperability.
  • FHIR Native Repository with dashboard for monitoring interface


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